Mary Ellen Martin (mehub) wrote,
Mary Ellen Martin

Should I or shouldn't I?

Hello all! It's been ages and ages. I've been having an extremely difficult time with LiveJournal lately, which has kept me from posting. But after a few improvements and updates, it actually looks like it's working again. Go figure.

I'm a tad closer to my publishing goal. Four publications. At the beginning of the year I did a guest post. In May I had an article accepted by Have Heart Magazine. And this month, I sold another short story to Mozark Press in their next Shaker of Margaritas book, "That Mysterious Woman." Yay me!! My story is titled "Trial Run," and it's a mystery. Well, a cozy, I suppose. I couldn't figure how to make a good murder mystery under 3000 words. When I do, though, won't that be fun to write!

I'm still waiting to hear about another publication possibility. But seeing as how it has taken so long, I'm thinking no dice. Bummer. So I will just cheat and do another guest blog. :P

The question on my mind for the last few months has been NaNoWriMo. I've done sci-fi, mystery, and chick lit. I keep saying I want to try writing in every genre, except erotica. So I'm considering romance. And I'm considering NaNo, too. I suppose "Speed Dating" could be considered romance (that's my story published in Shaker of Margaritas: Cougars on the Prowl). But doing something as a novel?

If I do decide to do NaNo, I need to remember a few things, which is good advice for anyone:
1: Genre is not locked. Be flexible. Stories change. Especially during what is essentially a month-long free-write.
2: Grammar, shmammer. It's a draft. Adverbs, passive voice, it's all good. It can all be fixed later.
3: Go ahead and ramble if you need to. The story will find you again. At least, that's the prevailing NaNo advice out there, anyway.

So it's not like I blog a whole lot anyway, so I don't know if I will be touching base during what is a huge experiment. I think the main reason I'm considering this is because my sister in law may be cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. Maybe. If I'm cooking, all bets are off for NaNo. But so far, word is she's cooking.

Anyone else doing/have done NaNo? Thoughts? How did you structure your day, if you are the mom and have to do mom things on top of trying to write a novel? I'm not a scheduling or plotting person, and this month is going to require a lot of both. I'm a pantser when it comes to writing, but I hear planning helps make things go a little faster. So I guess I need to learn to plot. Or make up my own way of doing it. And trying to get a house to run like clockwork. With two boys. Yeah. Sure.

May everyone have a great day, and thank you for dropping in.
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